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Just In Time for Spring Cleaning...

March 4, 2019


 Often we "make it work" or keep things "just in case." Those good intentions lead us to stuffed closets, space bags, and overflowing drawers.  Rather than buy stuff to organize our excess stuff, wouldn't it feel better to have what we need and love, neatly arranged in the space allowed?


 All of this boils down to not really knowing what enough looks like. And how could you? Most of us don't have actual numbers of what "enough" is. How many tops are enough? Do you know? I say it depends on your lifestyle and the season, but there is a right answer for each of us.


Long before we ever consider whether or not to keep an item, my clients and I develop a target quantity of each clothing category based on their life style. This formula is carefully calibrated to each client based on their typical week, giving them the most efficient wardrobe with plenty of variety. 


Ready to take back your closet?  Let's get started!

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