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Spring Showers

April 25, 2018

Rain, rain. Go away.  Come again some other day...


 Part of a well-curated capsule is having exactly what meets your needs.  We've all been there, right?  It's monsooning on your morning commute, coming down in buckets on a big day day, or sprinkling all day long...all week long.  Having the right gear means you feel prepared, presentable, and importantly, dry.  Here are my tips on the right tools for the job:


Rain Boots


I'm going to start off controversial right here, right now.  I bought a pair of Hunter boots, expecting them to last forever.  They didn't.  Never again.  Now, I have a pair similar to these, get complimented all the time on them, and won't mind replacing them in a few years.


As practical as a boot that goes to the knee is for keeping pants and legs dry, I actually prefer this mid-shin height aesthetically and don't miss the extra coverage my taller boots gave me.  If it's raining enough for tall boots, I'm usually carrying an umbrella anyway.





As with eyebrows, there should be two.  Advocating for two umbrellas may get my minimalist membership card revoked but each of the umbrellas I recommend serve a specific purpose.  It's about having the right tool for the job.


 One umbrella should be small enough to fit in your purse.  This one keeps the rain off your head and shoulders when you're commuting, running errands, or to have on hand when there's rain in the forecast.


Umbrella number two is a golf-style option.  I like this type when it's really coming down and I want to make sure my legs stay dry (the bigger the circumference, the further down it will keep you dry #geometry) or when you need to cover more than one person, like school drop off or date night.  It's important to choose one with wind vents with the big guys, unless you want to fly away like Mary Poppins!


Rain Coat


Here again, I have strong opinions... If it doesn't have a hood and cover your bum, it's just for looks.  Personally, I prefer something classic and knee length that is polished enough when I need to wear it to dinner or a meeting, but doesn't look like I have an opera coat on over my workout gear.  One coat. Many purposes.  ...Almost makes up for recommending everyone have two umbrellas.  


It also needs to be breathable.  Spend an afternoon running errands in a plastic coat in hot Houston and you will be sorry...and a sweaty Betty.  This means a good rain coat is probably going to be an investment.  Keep an eye out for something like this one and you'll have it forever.  As with most outerwear and gear: buy it right, buy it once.


How is your weather gear?  Got everything you need?


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