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Closet Spring Cleaning: 6 Things to Get Rid Of Now

February 22, 2018


As we waffle between cold snaps and warm fronts in the final weeks of weather roulette that is Houston's transition between seasons, now is the ideal time for closet spring cleaning.  For those of us who have a hard time letting go of the "perfectly good," "nothing wrong with it," "just haven't worn it" pieces, the end of a season can be the easiest time to pare down those seasonal items like sweaters, coats, flannel, and holiday styles.  It's fresh in our minds what didn't get worn and what we may not have felt great in during Houston's coolest months.  


If you didn't wear it in the fall or winter, its probably not right for you and you probably don't need it.  Maybe you just have more options than cold days.  Wouldn't you rather make the most of our coldest weather to wear your absolute favorites while you can?  


Another bonus to an end of a season wardrobe edit is that pieces that need to be replaced can often be scooped up for a major steal as retailers begin making space for their spring and resort offerings.  



1. Holiday Glam


With holiday parties, New Year's Eve, and even Valentine's Day fading in the rearview, it's time to pass on those party dresses, sparkly tops, and other special occasion pieces you know you won't wear again or don't feel your best in.  


2. Layering Pieces


Now, take a pass through your sweaters and cardigans. Anything with damage and pilling can go, no question. Yes, people will notice the coffee stain that didn't come out. Next ask yourself honestly about qauntity. Did everything get worn this year? If it didn't, it's probably time to let it go.  Wouldn't it be great to have just a few really great pieces you feel amazing in than a bunch of random options that make getting dressed complicated.


A note on travel: for clients who often travel to colder areas, for example someone with family in colder climates, I suggest setting aside a very small, high-quality selection of pieces that become a kind of "secondary travel capsule" based on the typical length of a visit.


3. Seasonal Materials and Colors


The time for wearing your beloved plaid shirts, skinny corduroys, leather jackets, and mustard sweaters has come and gone.  Before you put those items away for the spring and summer, do a quick pass.  Take a look at anything flannel, plaid, leather, velvet, corduroy, burgundy, plum, evergreen, and mustard.  Did you wear it this year?  Does it fit well?  Is it in good shape to get you through another season?  On the subject of repair, is it worth repairing and will you take it tomorrow? If it's no, it goes.  


4. Coats


With Houston's relatively mild climate, coats are an easy item to put on the back burner, but investing in a versatile, well-made coat will serve you well for years to come.  When we moved to Chicago, I got a great education on the importance of choosing natural fibers for insulation is (think down fill or wool as opposed to polyester).  #GameChanger 


5. Footwear


Boots, booties, and black patent leather, I'm lookin' at you.  Maybe even suede flats, depending on the color...  For the shoes you wore and plan to wear again next year, see if any of them need repair and pat yourself on the back when you take them before putting them away.  For the shoes you didn't wear, they won't be more comfortable or magically go with more next year, but keeping them may prevent you from buying a pair you'd really feel great in and get a lot of wear out of next year, so go on and say goodbye.


6. Cold Weather Accessories


Do you have an overflowing basket of scarves, gloves, and hats?  Eliminate anything that is showing wear and anything you didn't wear this season.  Next, decide on a small selection of versatile pieces you'll wear most and let everything else go.


The hard part is over!  Wrap up your spring cleaning by bagging up what you've eliminated to donate or give away, fold and store your sweaters to preserve them, and put anything that needs repair on the front seat of your car.  Reward yourself by scrolling Pinterest for spring style inspiration or book a session with me here to create your spring capsule wardrobe!











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