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Caring for Your Capsule Wardrobe

February 22, 2018



There are a few things I have in my capsule wardrobe toolkit that keep it in tip-top shape. I'm not a fan of buying unnecessary gadgets that end up feeling like clutter, so I've kept this list to just three things that I use everyday to keep my closet organized and efficient.  


Streamlined, Coordinated Hangers


Matching hangers may not seem critical if you're not already a devotee, but adding this layer of visual uniformity makes standing in front of your capsule wardrobe each morning feel so dang peaceful.  I prefer these because they serve three functions: the velvet texture keeps tops from slipping off, their shape keeps knits and sweaters from developing those awkward hanger points in the shoulders, and their design means every hanger you pick up can hang bottoms or tops.




Steaming for the Win!


Ironing is the worst, right? Wearing t-shirts fresh from the dryer to avoid ironing isn't much better. It wasn't until I started dressing with a capsule wardrobe that I realized how much avoiding ironing was influencing what I was reaching for each morning. I still hate to iron, so I don't.   heats up in seconds and stores easily. Pair it with an over-the-door hook or valet rod in your closet for a space-saving, super easy alternative to hauling out an ironing board. 




Laundry Hacking


There are things in life you have to do. Laundry is one of them. I want to get through my "have to"s fast and get back to "want to"s. We have a similar laundry sorter in our closet, so clothes ready for the washing machine get sorted into their laundry loads as they come off. On laundry day, Sunday, we toss each bag-full into the machines as we head in and out, going on about our weekend plans. We put it all away as we wrap up Sunday and we start the week with everything clean. 




*This post contains affiliate links, which means Concise Closets earns a small commission at no additional cost to you when purchases are made through the image links.   

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